Professional Handyman Services

Superior handyman services at competitive rates

Certified Building Maintenance (CBM) offers comprehensive commercial handyman services that can be customized to fit the needs of any facility. Our exterior and interior building maintenance services are performed by fully licensed, bonded and insured professionals with the extensive experience needed to handle a wide range of repair needs.

  • HVAC Filter Replacement
  • Water Heater Cleaning
  • Basic Troubleshooting and Lighting Replacement
  • Drywall Repairs, Basic Patchwork and Painting
  • Tile and Carpet Repair
  • Basic Roof Repair and Asphalt Sealant
  • Basic Plumbing Services, Clogged Toilets and Repairs

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Proactive Maintenance Experts

Our proactive maintenance and fast response to needed repairs reduces the risk of costly future damage. Our services are designed to ensure minimal disruption to the productivity of the commercial working environment.

A Certified Building Maintenance expert can help you customize our services to fit your budget, schedule and working environment needs. In order to ensure your commercial building is always maintaining optimal efficiency, CBM performs regular quality audits, we back our commercial handyman services with a guarantee that if an issue is not resolved within the same day, that day of service is free. Regular building maintenance will reduce the need for costly repairs, lengthen the life of the building while building confidence with tenants.