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The cleanliness of your property is one of the key factors of creating a polished and professional brand for your business. The impact that a restroom has on clients, consumers and employees can primarily shape this perception, regardless of the condition of the rest of the building or the services it provides.

Certified Building Maintenance (CBM) janitorial services utilize hospital grade cleaning products to safely and effectively kill 99.9% of harmful pathogens. Our professional bathroom sanitation techniques will protect employees from the spread of illness, reducing sick days and increasing productivity.

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Our Restroom Sanitation Process

Regular restroom janitorial services are required to combat adverse restroom conditions such as sticky floors, overflowing trash cans, empty soap dispensers, foul odors, empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls, dim lighting, graffiti and soiled toilet seats.

In addition to the effect clean restrooms can have on impressing clients and customers, they also play a vital role in the health of employees. Bathrooms are a breeding ground for spreading and transferring dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Immaculate restrooms are an investment in the overall health of employees and image of your business. Don't let a neglected restroom be a determining factor for consumers and clients to take their business elsewhere.

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