Commercial Steam Cleaning

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Certified Building Maintenance (CBM) experts provide extensive deep cleaning using steam. Both our building wide steam cleaning machines and steam carpet cleaning machines make it possible for us to clean not only upholstery and carpet, but also windows, doors, molding, floors, drains, vents, walls and more. Hot water steam cleaning and extraction is the most effective and preferred method of cleaning in the industry. Paired with our full range of commercial cleaning services, steam cleaning is a great asset when it comes time to do deep cleaning every so often for fine detailing in your building.

Our steam carpet cleaning services include carpet and upholstery protection to increase the life of your carpet and length between cleanings. An industrial strength carpet protector will act as a barrier to spills, dirt and daily wear and tear in high traffic areas. We also offer interim carpet cleaning to target high traffic areas in between regular cleanings, spot cleaning and odor removal/deodorizing.

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Comprehensive Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, effectively cleans walls, windows, molding, upholstery, carpets and fabric covered surfaces without over-saturating, causing shrinkage or damage.

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Steam Carpet Cleaning

Commercial steam cleaning is a low moisture process, effective in removing deep particles, dirt and allergens without leaving chemicals, detergents, excess moisture or residue in carpets.


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