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Certified Building Maintenance (CBM) professionals complete a 5 level CertifiedCare training course to ensure that our cleaning techniques are OSHA compliant and effective in killing 99.9% of germs. Our hospital disinfection practices are achieved with state of the art cleaning equipment, including HEPA air filtration vacuums, and green hospital grade cleaning products. Our (Utah2) medical center cleaning professionals are fully licensed, bonded and insured and are specifically trained to meet the maintenance and cleaning needs of medical facilities. CBM cleaning services are guaranteed and backed by regular quality audits to ensure that the highest level of cleaning standards are met.

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Healthcare professionals are trained in infectious disease control and sanitation practices to prevent the spread of dangerous bacteria and viruses. Despite their efforts, 1.7 million people become infected after visiting a healthcare facility each year. In the fight against healthcare infections, professional medical center cleaning & janitorial services are a crucial line of defense against the spread of infection.

As healthcare professionals, you do your part in keeping our community healthy and safe. Let us do our part in keeping your patients and staff protected from harmful infections with our expert CBM health care facility janitorial services.

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