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The business conducted in various government buildings keep local, state and federal operations running smoothly. The maintenance and cleaning methods of these buildings should also reflect the same efficiency and effectiveness of the very government it houses. Impress your constituents with clean, efficient and organized government buildings, at a cost taxpayers can appreciate.

Municipal facilities require specific cleaning and maintenance needs as well as specialized training required when working in secure facilities. Certified Building Maintenance (CBM) employees receive 5 levels of certification training in order to understand and comply with strict regulations within government buildings. Our full service municipal cleaning is guaranteed and backed by quality audits to ensure that our high cleaning standards are continuously met.

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Government and Civic Building Maintenance Services

In addition to security standards, civic centers also experience high traffic and vast space that requires cleaning. Our (Utah) municipal cleaning services cover everything from building maintenance, expert floor care, window cleaning with special attention to restrooms. Our sanitizing techniques are crucial in preventing the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. Our hospital grade cleaning products kill 99.9% of germs, protecting government employees and members of the community from the spread of illness and pathogens. Let us do our part in expertly maintaining our beautiful community and civic buildings.

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