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Airports are a convergence of people from all around the world and maintaining the cleanliness required to create a welcoming and safe atmosphere is no small task. Aviation cleaning needs can only be met with professional airport cleaning services equipped to deal with the unique concerns and challenges presented with the high traffic, regulations and security demands.

The extraordinary traffic in airport terminals, gift shops and restrooms creates potential for mass spread and exposure to dangerous bacteria and viruses. Requisite sanitation is crucial to stop the spread of these pathogens. In addition to safety concerns, the cleanliness is also crucial to the image and professionalism of an airport and difficult to achieve in large spaces that experience high traffic.

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Certified Building Maintenance (CBM) experts are fully licensed, bonded, insured and have completed CertifiedCare training in order to provide comprehensive (Utah) airport cleaning services. We use state of the art equipment, including HEPA air filtration vacuums, hospital grade, green cleaning products and implement OSHA approved cleaning practices to safely and effectively kill 99.9% of hazardous pathogens.

Protect and impress passengers and employees with expertly sanitized airport restrooms, terminals and shops. CBM professionals are adept at meticulously meeting the unique cleaning needs of airports and are committed to client satisfaction. We perform quality audits and our aviation cleaning services are backed with a guarantee that any if any concern or issue isn't resolved within the same day, the day of service is on us.

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