Institution Cleaning Services

Secure, trustworthy institution cleaning services at competitive rates.

Certified Building Maintenance (CBM) experts specialize in meeting the cleaning and maintenance needs of secure institutions. Institutions such as banks, government buildings, medical facilities and airports require an added level of security and each come with their own set of complex, industry specific cleaning needs. CBM Pros has emerged as a leader in secure facility maintenance and cleaning services with experts specifically trained in institution cleaning procedures and practices.

We rely on industry-leading equipment, include HEPA air filtration vacuums that eliminate airborne allergens and irritants, creating a clean air environment. CBM proudly uses environmentally friendly cleaning practices, our hospital-grade cleaning products are all organic and effective in killing 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses. Our cleaning methods are in compliance with OSHA standards and meet the unique regulations of each institution.

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Hospitals in Utah

Our (Utah2) medical center cleaning professionals are fully licensed, bonded and insured and are specifically trained to meet the maintenance and cleaning needs of medical facilities. CBM cleaning services are guaranteed and backed by regular quality audits to ensure that the highest level of cleaning standards are met.

Hospital Cleaning Services

Medical Centers

Medical Centers in Utah

In the fight against healthcare infections, professional medical center cleaning & janitorial services are a crucial line of defense against the spread of infection. Let us do our part in keeping your patients and staff protected from harmful infections with our expert CBM health care facility janitorial services.

Hospital Cleaning Services

Government / Civic Institutions

Government / Civic Institutions in Utah

The maintenance and cleaning methods of municipal buildings should reflect the same efficiency and effectiveness of the very government it houses. Impress your constituents with clean, efficient and organized government buildings, at a cost taxpayers can appreciate.

Building Maintenance Services

Banks / Financial Institutions

Banks / Financial Institutions in Utah

Customers prefer clean facilities and CBM's secure bank cleaning services will ensure that your clients and business associates are impressed with the cleanliness of your institution from the entranceway, restrooms, offices and lobby.

Building Maintenance Services


Airports in Utah

Aviation cleaning needs can only be met with professional airport cleaning services equipped to deal with the unique concerns and challenges presented with the high traffic, regulations and security demands.

Building Maintenance Services