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Regular attendance is critical at the University level in order for students to keep up with challenging curriculum and heavy homework loads. When a student misses school for any reason, it becomes more difficult for them to succeed. The most common excuse for an absence is sickness and universities are a breeding ground for the spread of bacteria and viruses. MRSA, mono and other serious infections have been on the rise in universities and it is crucial to have professional university cleaning services to protect students from these, sometimes deadly, pathogens.

Certified Building Maintenance (CBM) experts provide professional university janitorial services. Our state of the art cleaning systems include HEPA air filtration vacuums that reduce allergens in the air, working to create a more comfortable and allergen free zone for students. Our hospital grade cleaning products are non toxic and effective in killing 99.9% of dangerous bacteria and viruses.

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Professional school cleaning services help to create an environment with a focus on the health and wellness of the students in order to increase attendance and promote learning and growth. A professional university cleaning company has the expertise to effectively and safely eliminate dangerous pathogens to create a safe learning environment for students to succeed.

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