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Schools, universities, and daycare facilities require a clean and safe environment to foster optimal learning and growth. Children and young students are vulnerable to infections and when a student misses school for any reason, it becomes more difficult for them to succeed as they fall behind their classmates. Sickness is responsible for the majority of absentees and disruptions in the learning process.

The safety, health and wellness of students should be a top priority for educators and child caregivers. Sickness can run rampant through an educational facility due to the close quarters, the lowered immune system of children and young adults and poor hygiene practices. OSHA standard cleaning methods are necessary to combat the spread of germs.

Not only are proper sanitation practices critical to prevent the spread of illness, routine janitorial and maintenance for schools are highly recommended to create an environment that promotes creativity and learning. Educational facilities that aren't properly maintained can leave students feeling less than motivated and inspired. Impress patrons, staff and students with inviting and well maintained bathrooms, classrooms, offices and common areas while promoting optimal health of students.

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Universities in Utah

CBM university cleaning professionals have the expertise to effectively and safely eliminate pathogens. Dangerous infectious such as MRSA are on the rise in university settings and proper sanitation is critical in creating a safe learning environment for university students to succeed.

School Cleaning Services

Grade Schools

Grade Schools in Utah

Schools without proper cleaning protocols are a breeding ground for cultivating and quickly spreading bacteria and viruses. Elementary schools are particularly vulnerable as young children have less experience in hygienic hand washing and sanitizing practices.

School Cleaning Services


Preschools in Utah

Preschool facilities have a responsibility to keep the children in their care safe and healthy as they learn and grow. CBM utilizes industry specific cleaning techniques that are both safe to use around the little ones and effective in killing 99.9% of pathogens.

School Cleaning Services

Day Care Centers

Day Care Centers in Utah

When searching for a childcare provider, the cleanliness of a daycare center sends a message to parents who are apprehensive to trust their children to a facility. A daycare that appears to lack adequate infection control will be passed up for one that is experienced in putting the health of the child, as well as the education, as a top priority.

School Cleaning Services