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Customers undoubtedly prefer to buy memberships from gyms with a reputation for cleanliness. Nothing is more demotivating than equipment sticky from sweat, filthy locker rooms, smelly restrooms and dirty floors. In addition to the aversion these conditions cause in potential customers, health and safety concerns are heightened in these moist and warm environments that are a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

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Certified Building Maintenance (CBM) professionals know that facilities designed to promote health and wellness should also protect that health and wellness from common pathogens found in unclean gym environments such as MRSA, staph infections, bacteria, fungi and common cold/ flu viruses. Our state of the art gym cleaning equipment and hospital grade cleaning products kill 99.9% of these dangerous pathogens and our experts have the experience and skillset to meet the unique cleaning needs of fitness centers.

Ensure that your fitness center cleaning standards are met when you hire CBM gym maintenance and cleaning experts. An immaculate work out zone that will entice, rather than deter, your members to keep coming back as well as attracting new customers. Promote that health and wellness your members are there to work towards by protecting them from harmful pathogens while creating a welcoming, professional and clean environment.

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