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Your business offices are a reflection of your company. A clean and well maintained office space will set the tone for employees and leave a lasting impression on clients and customers. For instance, according to the ISSA, 94% of people would avoid a business in the future if they encountered dirty restrooms. When you use Certified Building Maintenance (CBM) you are sure to impress your clients with the consistent cleanliness of waiting rooms, restrooms and meeting rooms when you use CBM office cleaning services.

Employee moral is higher in clean and well maintained workspace environments. CBM's (Utah) janitorial services and building maintenence promote employee health and wellness by eliminating and minimizing viruses and bacteria commonly present in communal workplace areas. The cost of employee sick days add up and overall performance, cognitive skills and productivity decrease dramatically when sickness and allergens spreads throughout your office building.

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CBM operates within strict OSHA guidelines when cleaning office buildings. Trust that our experts will thoroughly clean your office building with a professionalism that is sensitive to your business schedule and working atmosphere. Our (Utah) office cleaning professionals use state of the art cleaning techniques and quality cleaning products to significantly reduce employee illness and allergens and create an immaculate work atmosphere that promotes productivity and morale in your employees and clients alike. Professionally cleaned facilities generate more revenue than a building that is poorly maintained, protect the integrity of your business by hiring a professional business cleaning company.

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