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Our building maintenance and cleaning services are designed to promote the health and wellness of employees, impress clients and customers with immaculate facilities while protecting and increasing the value of the property. Our expertise allows us to customize our services to fit the unique cleaning and maintenance needs of any commercial space. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we strive for a level of professionalism, honesty and trust that is unparalleled in the industry.

In addition to business offices, restaurants and retail stores, our certified professionals specialize in cleaning secure facilities such as banks, medical institutions, schools and industrial factories. At CBM Pros, our experts are fully licensed, bonded and insured and receive additional 5 level CertifiedCare Certification. Equipped with extensive experience and a comprehensive understanding of OSHA and State guidelines, our cleaning professionals are able to provide industry specific cleaning and maintenance plans that adhere to strict codes and regulations.

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Our meticulous attention to detail and our proactive approaches set CBM's commercial cleaning and building maintenance services apart. We don't want to be another moving piece that you have to manage, rather we aim to provide worry free building maintenance and janitorial services that allow our customers to focus on their goals in a professionally maintained working environment.

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Maintaining a home, multi-family housing or managing rental properties can quickly begin to feel unmanageable. CBM's residential property care offer customized cleaning and maintenance services designed to take some of these responsibilities off of your plate, allowing you to focus energy to either the business of property ownership or to your family for homeowners.

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Certified Building Maintenance (CBM) experts specialize in meeting the cleaning and maintenance needs of secure institutions. Institutions such as banks, government buildings, medical facilities and airports require an added level of security and each come with their own set of complex, industry specific cleaning needs.

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Consumers rank cleanliness among the most important elements and deciding factors in choosing where they frequent. Statistics show that a welcoming, clean environment attracts consumers, encourages them to spend more time and money and plays a vital role in establishing loyal, returning customers.

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The safety, health and wellness of students should be a top priority for educators and child caregivers. Sickness can run rampant through an educational facility due to the close quarters, the lowered immune system of children and young adults and poor hygiene practices. OSHA standard cleaning methods are necessary to combat the spread of germs.

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